Blown Away

Visiting “Dr. BJ’s Salon” is a Jaw-Dropping Experience

Bangkok has always been a town where “anything goes”, but naming a bar Dr. BJ’s Salon is somewhat more over-the-top than normal. However, even if the name seems hard to swallow, the establishment itself is a straightforward, well run, tidy little operation where the title sums up everything: it’s all about the BJs.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, in the midst of hordes of other sleaze bars, Dr. BJs is made to look like a walk-in clinic, complete with bright lights, white walls, a medical inspired logo, and attendants dressed up in sexy nurse uniforms. There’s usually a handful of ladies hanging out at the entrance to the bar (bait, in other words), and once an interested customer steps through the frosted glass front doors, the girls scurry inside and assemble in the front foyer to be perused.

Another one bites the dust – new customer is led inside to inspect the nurses and consultants
Prices for the girls are clearly stated on a sign inside, with nurses going for 700 THB each (about $21), and consultants – whatever that implies – going for 1,000 THB (about $30). Not surprisingly the consultants, dressed in slinky black cocktail dresses, are somewhat more attractive, and so I chose a slender one that caught my eye. I was then permitted to order drinks, after which Noi (my girl) led me up 2 flights of stairs.

On the 2nd floor there’s about a dozen back-up girls sprawled out on mattresses, waiting their turn in the rotation, and on the 3rd floor there’s a hallway lined with doors, each leading to an individual cubicle. These white walled 6’ x 14’ cubicles are sparsely furnished – a lazy-boy leather recliner, small wooden table and a large black sink – and once inside I was told to get undressed. My pride and joy was then given a thorough soap and water cleansing by Noi (now wearing just a skirt), and after drying me off she motioned for me to sit, and then knelt down between my legs and gave me a thoroughly expert bit of servicing.

Where the magic happens: Sit back, relax, grab a beer and marvel at the wonders of this world
As I sat there enjoying every BBBJ moment, I could hear various slurping sounds coming from the cubicle next to me, as well as a few breathy words of encouragement from the drunk Englishman who was clearly enjoying himself. For my own part I managed to forestall the inevitable for a good 30 minutes, and my girl, though visibly tired, show no signs of giving up in her quest to finish the job. When my time finally came, I was impressed that Noi kept on top of things till it was all over, and only then excused herself to go to the sink. She then rinsed herself out with a few belts of mouthwash, and afterwards gave me a second soapy scrub down.

The lovely and talented Noi, she definitely earned her breath mint this particular evening
After I dressed Noi led me back down to the first floor where I was presented with the bill (1240 THB, or $38, including my drink and hers), and my receipt actually came with an after dinner mint. Of course, I thought if anyone needed that mint it’s her, not me.

Dr. BJs, which has been open less than a year, seems to have a steady stream of interest from curious tourists walking by, and from the looks of it this Bangkok novelty will be around for years to come. The girls aren’t all first-class caliber unfortunately, but the gimmick is worth a larf, and the price is thoroughly reasonable. Business sucks, in other words, and that’s means it’s doing just fine.
Address: 131 Sukhumvit soi 7/1
Hours: Open everyday from 11am till 1am.
How to get there: BTS station Nana.


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